Here’s an example of what I meant.

I picked up a table and a dresser the other day. Yes, at the side of the road. I actually drove past the table a few times (it was going to the school and back with A for an optometrist appointment on Thursday) and decided to just go for it and take it on my way home.

The push was that the garbage truck was about seven houses away. I knew that I wouldn’t get a second chance to take it if I didn’t.

This is the table:



So it needs a little TLC. But like the shape and think it works well. My plan is to sand it (good thing it’s a simple shape and design!) and stain it to match the other furniture in the room:


DH has been away most of this week, and he just looked at me funny when I told him about the table. I only brought it up last evening, because I wanted to see it in the room. The kids loved it – we played restaurant for quite some time! Anyway, he isn’t that enthusiastic about it. He thinks it’ll look bad. Or that I won’t actually sand and stain/paint it.

Usually, that would be enough for me to think “Oh, okay. He’s probably right.” I tend to defer to others opinions – my parents when I lived with them (though I did do a lot of creative things anyway) and DH.

But you know what? Who cares? The table was free. Free! So I buy some sandpaper and stain. That’s crazy cheap compared to the price of buying a new one. If it doesn’t work out, I throw it out.

Then there’s the dresser. One neighbour had two out for the trash, and they didn’t get picked up by the garbage guys. I’m not sure why – too big? I took the bigger of the two (it had all four drawers, but I pulled them out – put one in to show how lovely they are)


Gorgeous, no? So, without the drawers, here’s my plan:


Take out the drawer supports in the front and the middle drawer line things that go from the supports to the back. Sand the whole thing on the outside enough that I can paint it (a colour to match my girl A’s room, probably going with her bedspread and being a light, soft purple) inside, I’ll paint white. I’ll go to Home Depot and get them to cut three pieces of wood the right length – one for the bottom to plug it up, and the other two as shelves. I’ll paint those white as well as the interior of the “new” dresser. Maybe decoupage a flower or two on the top or side to go with her bedspread. It’s pale purple with some chrysanthemum-like flowers on it.

I showed it to DH about fifteen minutes ago. Yeah. His expression was blank. He said he doesn’t want her room to look like there’s trash in it. He didn’t say it mean or anything, but that’s definitely not supportive.

So instead of agreeing and getting rid of the items, I’m going ahead. Because, really, what’s wrong with trying? Why should I not do something I want to try just because someone else doesn’t think it’ll work?!

Part of me wants to run out and get the supplies and start NOW, but I’m being realistic. One thing at a time. And I want to talk to the Home Hardware guys (they’re closer than Home Depot, and while they don’t sell wood at their tiny location, they do seen stains and paint and lots of other supplies) and see what they recommend for sandpaper for both projects.

With the nicer weather slowly approaching, I can keep the van out of the garage and do the work there.

My girl is excited about having a bookcase, and likes my colour plan. All her stuff is in her closet. She doesn’t have a dresser (she uses the three drawers under her bed and the two, yes two, closets … and the shelf things in them aren’t that great for putting books on). >