I am a Canadian mom, running out of hands!

Crafts are fun – either with kids or on my own – and I see sitting down to devour a book is a good thing. Web and database programming is what I did in the “real” world before I became a mom. Sometimes I get to crochet or knit, or even use my sewing machine, but that’s usually when they’re all nicely tucked in bed and (hopefully!) asleep.

Baking, cooking from scratch, eating healthy (with some homemade goodies thrown in), are things that happen daily in my house. Having kids help with the baking and/or cooking is usually a fun thing!

So why the name Running Out Of Hands? Well …Two hands, three kids: daughter A was born September 2004, son R was born August 2006, and son K was born July 2008. Oh – and now one more is due in July 2011!

Update – M was born in July, 2011.  A bouncing baby boy 🙂

And why call myself Rooh? It’s short for Running Out Of Hands 😉

And yes, before you ask, I definitely am busy!

‘Nuff said.

Me - Rooh!